Lexicon of the Gods

Lexicon of the Gods Rossano Galante

This programmatic work depicts three great Mythological Gods: Perseus, the Greek hero and legendary founder of Mycenae, Penthos, the spirit of grief and lamentation, and lastly, Zeus, who ruled as King of the Gods on Mount Olympus.

I: Perseus: Slayer of Medusa, is a rousing, dramatic piece with a heroic trumpet theme. The piece develops into a flowing, melodic section that is accompanied by a rhythmic pulse in the lower reeds and brass. The main theme returns with a grand, stately tempo incorporating the full ensemble. It ends with a coda that, like the sword that Perseus wields, is fast, exciting, and rhythmic.

II: Penthos: the Spirit of Grief is a lyrical, plaintiff meditation on human dissolving into a contemplative mood.

III: Zeus: God of Sky and Thunder. To represent the strength and power of the Dyaus Pita or Sky Father, this section opens with a powerful brass theme and stalwart orchestrations. The second theme uses warm, rich thematic material before moving into a recapitulation of the first melodic idea. The coda utilizes chordal brass to bring this epic work to its stirring conclusion.

Inhalt / Content:

• Perseus: slayer of Medusa
• Penthos: the spirit of grief
• Zeus: God of sky and thunder

CD "Lexicon of the Gods"
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Composer: Rossano Galante
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Instrumentation: Blasorchester Noten / Concert Band


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