The Black Corsair

The Black Corsair Giovanni Piacente

Full score and parts A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
The waters of the Caribbean are dark, the fog is thick. In the darkness of the night only the hissing of the wind between the sails and the crackle of the wood can be heard. The bow of a ship cuts the waves majestically: it is the Thunder, in command of the Black Corsair! The adventures of the noble pirate begin like this, swearing revenge for the death of the two brothers, the Red Corsair and the Green Corsair, on the Flemish Duke Wan Guld who made them hang after betraying them. Among a thousand adventures, the protagonist of the famous novel by Emilio Salgari will show his value and his prowess until his crew takes Honorata prisoner, a false name behind which the beautiful daughter of the Flemish duke is hiding. The Black Corsair falls in love with her, but his honor will prevail, and he will respect his oath of revenge: he will abandon the beloved woman to the waves of the sea. And it is only in that moment, in the last lines of the story, that the Corsair will show his first and only moment of weakness ... Look! whispers Morgan, his trusted helmsman the Black Corsair cries ... .

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Order id: 188197
Difficulty: 3
Duration: 6'00 min
Pages: -
publisher id: ES B1506.19
EAN: 4025511320474
Composer: Giovanni Piacente
Arranger: -
Publisher: Edizioni Musicali Scomegna
Instrumentation: Blasorchester Noten / Concert Band


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