Symphony No 8 In G Major (s/o)
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Symphony No 8 In G Major (s/o) Antonin Dvorak

Titel / Title: Symphony No. 8 in G Major
Herausgeber / Publisher: Alfred Music Publications
Instrumentation: Streichorchester
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
UPC: 38081454443

Now you can experience the power and beauty of this fabulous work at your next concert or festival. Written with the needs of high school string orchestras in mind, this arrangement will give your students a very accurate, yet playable, arrangement of the original. Studying this masterpiece will develop students' shifting, expressiveness, the ability to play accidentals, and bow technique. The 4th movement, known for its soaring melodies and energetic ending, is the perfect piece to close any performance.

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EAN: 038081454443
Komponist: Antonin Dvorak
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Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Besetzung: Orchester / Sinfonieorchester / Orchestra / Full Orchestra

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