Der kleine Prinz (Deutscher Text)

Der kleine Prinz (Deutscher Text) Angelo Sormani

Musikalisches Märchen für Erzähler und Blasorchester.
Produkttyp / Product: Partitura e parti A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
Musical tale for Narrator and Concert Band based on the famous work by Saint-Exupéry.

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Der kleine Prinz (Deutscher Text)
The Little Prince (English Text)
Le Petit Prince (French Text)
Il Piccolo Principe (Italian Text)

What is essential is invisible to the eye, tells the fox, and the little prince will repeat those words, which emphasize how anything can hide a treasure, a mystery to be unraveled. One must uncover the essence beyond appearances using the heart. The musical story The Little Prince, based on the famous work by Saint-Exupéry, addresses both children and adults. Various levels of meanings make the story enjoyable for everyone and offer themes for reflection to people of any age. In the present work, the relationship between words and music creates the magic that accompanies the journey of the little prince among asteroids and planets. Wind band, narrator, and projection of images combine to make the performance a unique experience, which intimately ties narrative, expressive, and communicative aspects. Offered for Concert Band, the musical story The Little Prince, with its evocative and passionate features, will turn the concert into an unforgettable and emotional experience. The narration is available in 4 languages (Italian, French, English, and German). By purchasing the work, you will be provided with a link to the free download of the images, which are synchronized in the score, to be projected during the show.

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Verlagsnummer: ES B1379DE
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Komponist: Angelo Sormani
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Verlag: Edizioni Musicali Scomegna
Besetzung: Blasorchester Noten / Concert Band


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