Progressive Piano Repertoire

Progressive Piano Repertoire Keith Snell

Mid-Elementary Piano Music in Relative Order of Difficulty

Progressive Piano Repertoire, selected and edited by Keith Snell This attractive collection of mid-elementary level piano solos from the 18th to 21st centuries are arranged in order of difficulty. It is appropriate for any age student and may be used independently, or as a supplement to any piano method. While specifically designed to follow Beginning Piano Repertoire (GP449), it leads well into Favorite Piano Repertoire, Book One (GP461) or Level Two of Keith's Piano Repertoire (Baroque & Classical, Romantic & 20th Century) or Essential Piano Repertoire series.


Entrada - Türk
Promenade - Reinagle
Carousel - Berens
Pensive - Hidy
Rustic Dance - Snell
Court Dance - Reinagle
Trumpet Tune - Gurlitt
Antique MInuet - Snell
Relay Race - Gurlitt
Waltz - Gurlitt
The Shepherd's Flute - Salutrinskaya
Minuet in F - L. Mozart
On an Escapade - REinagle
Minuet en rondeau - Rameau
Mashed Potato Clouds - Hidy
Crossing the Old Bridge - Gurlitt
A Sad Tale - Bartok
Classic Sonatina - Snell
Song withoud Words - Spindler
The Knight's Armor - Snell
Wistful - Köhler
Fanfare - Snell
Gavotte - Carr
Joyful Journey - Snell
German DAnce - Haydn
Mazurka - Szymanowska
Monument Valley - Snell
The Bridge to Forever - Hidy
Bounce House - Snell
Prelude - J.C. Bach
Lights, Camera, Action! - Snell
Prelude and Gigue - Snell
HOmage to Kabalevsky - Snell
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