Toward the Sunrising

Toward the Sunrising James Curnow

Titel / Title: Toward the Sunrising
Herausgeber / Publisher: Curnow Music Press
Instrumentation: Concert Band/Harmonie
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
Serie / Series: Signature Series
0Erscheinungsdatum / Date of Production: 1999
ISMN: 979350403
(Commissioned by the Davidson Fine Arts Bands, Augusta, Georgia, Michael Katterjohn, Conductor, for the dedication ceremony of the school's new campus.) In Toward the Sunrising James Curnow seeks to capture the optimistic, confident spirit that is evident in today's youth as they accept the challenges and opportunities of beginning life's journey. It is dedicated to teachers and parents who have helped shape, guide and mold their students' lives and to those young people who have prepared themselves for life's adventure. Opening with a majestic fanfare that presents the mood and general style of the composition, the overture immediately changes direction through the unfolding of a lively and energetic scherzo. The opening fanfare returns near the end of the scherzo, juxtaposed with motifs and melodies from the scherzo.
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Dauer: 5:30 min
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Verlagsnummer: CMP 0260-99-010
EAN: 9790035040003
Komponist: James Curnow
Arrangeur: -
Verlag: Curnow Music Press Inc. Distributors
Besetzung: Blasorchester Noten / Concert Band


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