Canticle of the Creatures (Symphonic Suite for Band)

Canticle of the Creatures (Symphonic Suite for Band) James Curnow

Titel / Title: Canticle of the Creatures
Herausgeber / Publisher: Hal Leonard
Instrumentation: Concert Band
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
Serie / Series: Symphonic-Concert Band Series
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
UPC: 73999764666

Ein Auftrag der North Hills High School Band, Pittsburgh, PA.

This distinctive six-movement suite is one of Jim Curnow's most requested works. Inspired by the writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, the suite succeeds in expressing his love for peace and his respect for all creatures. Each movement is a short tone poem that uses the modern concert band as the vehicle for creating spectacular musical images.

I. Prologue

II. Brother Sun

III. Sister Moon and Stars

IV. Brother Fire

V. Mother Earth

VI. Epilogue

Recorded live in concert in December 2013 by the Orchestre à Vents Non Identifié (OVNI) of Montreal - Mr. Jonathan Dagenais, conductor
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EAN: 073999764666
Komponist: James Curnow
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Verlag: Hal Leonard Publishing Co.
Besetzung: Blasorchester Noten / Concert Band


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