Allegro From Quinten Quartet (s/o)
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Allegro From Quinten Quartet (s/o) Franz Joseph Haydn

Titel / Title: Allegro from Quinten Quartet
Herausgeber / Publisher: Alfred Music Publications
Instrumentation: Streichorchester
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
Produkttyp / Product: Partitur + Stimmen
UPC: 38081454245

This Haydn quartet movement is a powerful example of the 'Storm and Stress' style (Sturm und Drang) favored by the composer in many of his famous symphonies. Set in the dark key of D minor, rhythmic and harmonic agitation propel the music forward as Haydn develops its four-note theme through a variety of methods. Both musicians and audience will be captivated by this chamber music masterpiece set for string orchestra with an added bass part to strengthen its harmonic movement, making this the perfect concert or contest closer for your orchestra.
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Verlagsnummer: 00-40469
EAN: 038081454245
Komponist: Franz Joseph Haydn
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Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Besetzung: Orchester / Sinfonieorchester / Orchestra / Full Orchestra

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