A Child's Garden of Dreams (Partitur)

A Child's Garden of Dreams (Partitur) David Maslanka

Symphony No. 2 for Band

Score only; Score and Parts available on Rental

The writings of Carl Jung, specifically the five dreams recounted in Man And His Symbols, served as inspiration for this work. It was commissioned by Northwestern University, and first performed in 1982.

I have selected five of the twelve dreams as motifs for the movements of this composition:

There is a desert on the moon where the dreamer sinks so deeply into the ground that she reaches hell.
A drunken woman falls into the water and comes out renewed and sober.
A horde of small animals frightens the dreamer. The animals increase to a tremendous size, and one of them devours the little girl.
A drop of water is seen as it appears when looked at through a microscope. The girl sees that the drop is full of tree branches. This portrays the origin of the world.
An ascent into heaven where pagan dances are being celebrated; and a descent into hell where angels are doing good deeds.
Program note by David Maslanka.
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