Master Theory vol. 4 (english) elementary

Master Theory vol. 4 (english) elementary Charles S. Peters

Master Theory is the most comprehensive theory workbook series available. Life-long music teachers Charles S. Peters and Paul Yoder offer a logical, effective way to teach the essential elements of music to any student.
It's for everyone, and it truly works! General music students, voice students, instrumental students, piano students ... any young musician can build theory skills in this six-level course.

Master Theory is so versatile, it doesn't even require a keyboard! The interactive workbook format makes it ideal for general music classes, performing group rehearsals, or independent study.

There's no comparison. Beginning with staff lines and progressing through rhythms, key signatures, scales, and harmony to elementary counterpoint, it's a comprehensive, no-nonsense approach to theory ... with no distractions! Your students deserve to learn theory in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Included in Book 4:

Lessons and Review pages on Triads, Harmonizing with Chords, Passing and Neighboring Notes, Triads in Arpeggio Form, the Subdominant Triad, Dominant Seventh Chord, Melody Writing, Harmonizing Melodies, Harmonizing Major and Minor Chords, and Recognizing Minor Chords.

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